Welcome! This is the home for info about the Podcast Launch Team.

Note: A Better Way is currently in production, preparing for launch.

If you would like to be a part of the Podcast Launch Team, please fill out the form below.


What is a podcast launch team?

A podcast launch team is a group of individuals who help shape and promote a podcast.

What do members of the launch team agree to do?

  • Subscribe to the podcast.
  • Listen to 1 or more episodes & submit feedback.
  • Give your input on theme music, content, & more!
  • Share the podcast leading up to the launch and on the day it launches.
  • Rate and review the podcast on launch day.

What do members of the launch team receive?

  • Exclusive, early access to podcast episodes
  • A behind-the-scenes view of launching a podcast.
  • The opportunity to shape the content and format of the podcast.
  • Sample graphics to use to share the show with friends, family, email list, and social media

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